Euphoria offers only the highest quality herb and nutrient supplements. Each product has been meticulously chosen by our team of naturopathic doctors for its superior ingredients, optimal chemical forms and dosage. Not all supplements are created equally and for this reason we work only with companies that assure the highest standards in production and third party testing, where applicable. We can state confidently that for every single supplement on our shelves, what is stated on the bottle’s label will be found within the product. We’ve even created our very own product formulations to ensure that you are receiving the most effective dosages. We expect that you will feel the difference when using our products.

The range of products we offer will continually evolve and be guided by our commitment to the highest clinically-relevant quality standards. You can trust that any supplement found at Euphoria will be the very best available in its class.


A tincture is a potent, liquid herbal extract in an alcohol base. The tinctures used at Euphoria are all made in Squamish by Dr. Sal Meli from the highest quality herbs. Ethical harvesting is always a strong consideration when sourcing herbs. All herbs are 100% organic. We also use 100% pure pharmaceutical-grade grain alcohol, ensuring no contaminants. Tinctures have a strong, often bitter taste… but, most importantly, they work!

We carry 130+ herbal tinctures which allows our naturopathic doctors to customize a blend for your specific needs. Tinctures are also available on a walk-in basis. 

Want to give them a try? Come visit us for a herbal shot! We have pre-made blends to help with anxiety, poor focus, low-energy, bad-digestion and detoxification. Only $2!


Our selection of cosmetics and skin care products are of the highest quality, made with the cleanest ingredients and the majority are local BC brands.  All of our products are free of petroleum products, micro-plastics, toxins, harmful chemicals and palm oil – unless proven to be harvested sustainably (to minimize the global deforestation concerns related to palm oil harvesting). We are also proud to state that none of our cosmetics or skin care brands are tested on animals.

All products have been thoroughly researched and vetted to ensure they meet the highest possible safety, environmental and ethical standards. The health of our customers and the planet is our highest priority and this manifests in the products that we carry. We have done our homework so you don’t have to!


The long list of chemicals that are found in conventional body care products is a scary sight, especially since about 60% of what is applied onto the skin can be absorbed into your blood stream.

We've researched the health and safety of our body care products and has meticulously chosen products that meet the highest safety standards, even testing each of them personally, so you can feel safe using our products.


As with our entire shop, the Mom N’ Kids products have been chosen after carefully scrutinized the list of ingredients. We need to ensure that you are not exposing your children to any unnecessary toxins. Our products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, biodegradable, and pediatrician and dermatologist tested.

We aim to ensure that you can trust these products for yourself and your baby and, as always, we carry only the highest quality available.


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