Euphoria offers only the highest quality herb and nutrient supplements. Each product has been meticulously chosen by our team of naturopathic doctors for its superior ingredients, optimal chemical forms and dosage. Not all supplements are created equally and for this reason we work only with companies that assure the highest standards in production and third party testing, where applicable. We can state confidently that for every single supplement on our shelves, what is stated on the bottle’s label will be found within the product.

For many supplements, we’re pleased to have created our very own products, each produced with the highest quality ingredients. We decided to pursue this approach to maintain control over product standards and to ensure that you are receiving only the very best while allowing us to keep our prices down.

The range of products we offer will continually evolve and be guided by our commitment to the highest clinically-relevant quality standards. You can trust that any supplement found at Euphoria Natural Health will be the very best available in its class.


He relies on scientific studies that tell us what percentage of alcohol to extract specific herbs with as well as what time of year our plants should be made into tinctures to optimize phytonutrient density in the end product.

The tinctures used at Euphoria Natural Health are all made in Squamish by Dr. Sal Meli ND. He values the thousands of years of tradition in botanical tincture making to guide his way. He selects only the highest quality herbs to go into the tinctures and uses the traditional maceration and extraction methods with a minimum one month infusion period.

All the herbs we carry are 100% organic. We also use 100% pure pharmaceutical-grade grain alcohol, ensuring no contaminants.  Ethical harvesting is always a strong consideration in sourcing herbs. Those plants that are endangered (such as Hydrastis canadensis, goldenseal) are sourced only from our equally committed partners who assure the sustainability of these plants.

Dr. Meli continually advances his methods by reviewing traditional herbal medicine texts and combining this knowledge with modern science to deliver the best quality botanical tinctures.


When choosing our cosmetics and skin care companies, it was important to us to use not just Canadian companies, but quality BC brands were sought after.  Our commitment to the environment means that we try to keep the distance the products travel to get to you to a minimum.  All of our products are free of petroleum products, micro plastics, toxins, harmful chemicals and palm oil – unless proven to be from a source that is sustainable and working toward a solution to the deforestation issue behind palm oil consumption. We are also proud to say none of our cosmetics or skin care brands test on animals.

The majority of our products score a 1 or 2 on the EWG Skin Deep database.  Check out their website to learn more about what is in your everyday products here.

We also carry Made Safe certified products

All products have been thoroughly researched and vetted to ensure they meet the highest possible environmental and ethical standards. The health of our customers and the planet  is one of our highest priorities and this manifests in the products that we carry. We have done our homework so you don’t have to.


During her study of holistic nutrition Terri learned about how many harmful chemicals are in most body care products.

The reason this is an issue is that your skin lacks the defenses your digestive system has. These harmful chemicals are absorbed directly into your blood stream. The rate of absorption is about 60% of product application.

Now unable to enjoy using conventional body care products Terri started researching and soon after making her own body care products, Nerdy Bird Naturals. Made from all naturally sourced ingredients –  botanicals, oils, and finished with love.

Euphoria Natural Health also carries brands that Terri has personally tested and researched so you can feel safe using these products. You can still pamper yourself while avoiding noxious chemicals and using the gifts nature provides.

Come into the store and talk to Terri or another educated staff member and try out the products in store and learn more.



As with all of the products that Euphoria carries the Mom N’ Kids product ingredient lists are carefully scrutinized to ensure they are not exposing your children to any unnecessary toxins. Sulfate free, paraben-free,  gluten-free, biodegradable, and pediatrician and dermatologist tested.

You can trust these products on your and your baby’s precious skin.